More wicked

My Wicked is moving along very fast, as it is made with worsted weight yarn, and I’m making the smallest size.

I couldn’t decide which size to make as I was (as always) in between the two smallest.  I decided to go on my theory that I won’t wear baggy sweaters and go for the smaller, since my previous idea of going for the larger was constantly resulting in sweaters I don’t wear.  It’s also easier to block bigger than smaller, so this should be fine.  I tried it on, and the fit is great – Marc even commented that it was a “sexy sweater” which is a new one! My swatch had a tiny bit of shrinkage (like 1/4 of a stitch) so I’m pretty sure I can block that out.  I think I’m going to go for 3/4 length sleeves, as that’s my favorite length.  Although it’s so cold in here today that I’m walking around under a blanket, so maybe an actual warm sweater is a good idea?

I want to hurry up and finish so I can start my Nantucket jacket in this tweedy yarn

Since I’ve made three quick sweaters in a row I think I’m ready to tackle something a bit more time consuming… maybe.  We’ll see – I do love my stockinette!

This afternoon I am going to visit the craft store in an effort to get inspired for the “save the date” cards for our wedding.  I’ve seen some really cute ones online, but we’ll see… a graphical design genius I am not.  We are printing our own invitations (the wedding is going to be in August) and I’ve already picked up the paper for those at Michaels (on sale, with a coupon = less than $40 for all our invites!)

I’m trying hard not to let the wedding planning bug overtake my life.  I was planning on October originally, but we decided it would be easier to plan it during one of my session breaks at work.  I have 3 weeks off in August, and after that not til next December (and Christmas doesn’t work for me, I have too many gigs) so August it is.  I was worried I wouldn’t have time to knit, but in fact I think it’s driven me to knit more, in an attempt to distract myself.  On Friday I’m going dress shopping with Marc’s Mom.  I already have a good idea of what I want – I like this dress, from Siri bridesmaids, in ivory (which I’m pretty sure will be extra… stupid bridal industry)

Or something similar…  I also like the neckline on this dress (well, the jacket)

Basically I don’t want a big dress.  I want tea length and simple, with a portrait (or similar) neckline, a medium full skirt, and absolutely no beads, lace, sequins, or (visible) tulle.  I don’t think this exists in a “wedding” dress, so I’ll be buying bridesmaids or regular evening.

The really not so shrunken cardigan

I’ve finished my cardigan!

Pattern: Marilyn’s Not-so-shrunken cardigan from Knit and tonic

Size: extra-small

Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool

Needles: US 5

Notes: Overall I’m pretty happy with this sweater. It passes the test of not looking homemade, and I love the color. This photo is true to the actual color, unlike all the others I’ve taken. My only beef with this pattern is that it lacked a listing of finished measurements. The raglan depth was too much I think, and in the future I will stop my raglans sooner – it called for 9.5″ and that was just too much (I have skinny arms.) I tried it on at the time, but I must have been confused. I added 1 extra set of waist decreases, and did only one row of ruffles. I also modified the ruffles to make them more exaggerated by occasionally double crocheting 3 times into one stitch. I added 2 inches to the sleeve length to make 3/4 length sleeves. This sweater looks nice over any looser top – either button down shirts as in the modeled photo, or a loose camisole. I’ll try to get a modeled shot, but it won’t be today – I won’t see Marc til I finish teaching at 8, and it will be long dark then.

I’ll leave you with a shot of the buttons and ruffles instead.

Oh, I do have the obligatory “in the mirror” shot!

Last night after sewing on the buttons I cast on for Wicked. I’ve finished the collar and made it through 4 raglan increases.


Now with buttons


Pattern: Jess from My Fashionable life

Yarn: Debbie Bliss merino DK in teal, 12 balls

Needles: Size 11 KP options

Notes: I am really so pleased with how this sweater turned out.  It fits me like a glove, surprising since the jacket has no shaping.  The collar wants to curl a bit, so I might be tacking it down.  Other than that it’s a great fit and an easy finished object!


The new Interweave preview is up!

Go see it!

On first glance my favorite design is the cable down raglan

I love the way the cables emphasize the waist in the back.  I also like both the cardigans , but I’m on a bit of a cardigan kick lately, so that shouldn’t be a surprise.

The shawlette is an interesting idea.  I like the idea of ends that are easy to tie around your shoulders, as I’m forever fixing my shawls.  I like Grumperina’s socks and the raglan as well, but I’m not excited enoug to post pictures.

I want to like this design but I dunno… I just don’t get the back.   I don’t like shirts with overly bare backs, as I’m not so fond of my own bony specimen.  I’m also not sure that I get the idea of making really open weaved tank tops I don’t like the 2 different sets of straps or the different lengths.  I will knit tanks, but the fabric needs to be pretty tight.

Overall it looks like a good issue.  Oh Interweave… why must you tease me with your previews a month in advance!

I finished the “not so shrunken cardigan” and it’s drying and awaiting buttons.  I already sewed buttons onto the Jess jacket, and I should get pictures today.  I’m so pleased with how these have both come out!

My cat wants to sleep on my blocking.  I fail to understand why the cat that hates even being in a room with running water would be perfectly happy to lie on a sopping wet sweater for a nap… but there you go.  He loves it.  In fact, he tried to gnaw on my Jess jacket this afternoon, but fortunately I caught him in time.

Almost there

My Jess jacket is finished, and it currently lies blocking on the dining room table.

I just need buttons!

The “not so shrunken” cardigan is almost complete as well.  I’m in the midst of sewing the hems, and then I have to make the button band etc, but it’s close!  I’m feeling much better about my ability to make sweaters now, as these two are coming out so nicely.  For awhile after the Hourglass fiasco I was unable to even contemplate making another sweater, but now I feel much better!

I’m also thinking about remaking my “rusted root” sweater.  The stitches are uneven (it was my first sweater) and I really should have made the XS instead of the small.

I think my next project will be Wicked , in the green Debbie Bliss merino aran I got from littleknits (the green is actually more to the yellow and less to the blue side than it looks in the photo.)


Still knitting…

Thank you so much for all your nice wishes on my engagement – it really made me feel special!

We’re trying to iron out details on a date.  This mostly involves finding a close catholic church that won’t charge a bajillion dollars to rent.  Yes, I work for the church, but I don’t want the wedding at my church because it’s too far out (a good thirty minutes from the Highlands and impossible for out of town guests I think.)  Hopefully we’ll find somewhere soon!

I’ve decided that I want to wear a suit with a little hat and veil… sort of like this or this.   I could also go with a simple knee length sheath and knit a little lacy shrug.  Either way.  I just know that I am not at all a big poofy dress sort of person, especially because I practically work weddings for a living (so I want mine to be different!)  I’m thinking a sort of 1940s or 50s vibe, including hiring some of my friends who have a jazz band to play the reception.  Yes, prepare for all the wedding talk here!

In knitting news, I worked for a solid 3 hours on the Not so Shrunken cardi last night, and I’ve finished the body and one sleeve.

Sorry for the sucky picture, but I simply am incapable of taking pictures of myself.  I lengthened the sleeve by 2 inches because I have super long arms, so they worked out about the same as the called for length.  The raglan depth is probably a bit long (it called for 9.5″, but I should have stopped at 9 or even 8.5″.)  The needle is still on the bottom because I have lots more yarn and was considering lengthening the cardi, but I decided that since I like cropped sweaters it wouldn’t be worth the work for 6 more inches.  So… one more sleeve and the button bands to go!  This has been a super quick knit, and I don’t even feel as though I’ve been slaving away on it.  The yarn for my Jess hasn’t arrived yet, I promise to sew it together when it arrives!

That’s all for now!


I have no knitting news.  Absolutely none.  Why, you ask?

and from farther away…

We are engaged!  I am so happy.  The ring was my Grandmother’s, which makes me happy since I wouldn’t want us to support the diamond trade.

That is all for now!