Still plugging along

I have finished one front of the dollar and a half cardigan, and I’ve made a start on the second sleeve.  I would try to tell you exactly where I am with my $1.50, but I never was good with the maths.

I’m saving the cable panel for last, because I’m suspicious about how the 2 fronts look different sizes when knitted up.   I’m still in love with the Cotton Fleece yarn – I’ve been knitting like mad, and my hands don’t hurt a bit… my tendinitis (caused by too much piano practicing in college, not by knitting believe it or not) has made not a peep.  But then, I do try to be nice to my hands, since they are my living… I usually stop at a hint of pain.

I did cave at the big Knit Happens sale last night, but it wasn’t too bad.  I ordered Cascade 220 in Sapphire heather and Sienna to make sweaters, and 3 skeins of  Cascade 220 quattro in Aruba (blues and purples)to make the U neck vest from Fitted Knits.  It was a really great deal, and I do love Cascade 220.  I usually try to make a sweater for under $40, and these will be under 20!  Super exciting!

I’m going shopping in a bit, because Marc and I are attending a wedding tomorrow (as guests!  First time I haven’t been working the wedding I’m attending in years!) and I realize I no longer own any dresses appropriate for an evening wedding… or really, any dresses at all.  And we are currently invited to 5 weddings before September (only one of which is ours,) so I think I need a new dress.

And lastly… does anyone have any advice for removing white water spots from a wood table?  Do those commercial products really work?  I tried the trick where you use a hairdryer, but my arms got tired and it didn’t seem to be working.

The ring has been there since we bought it (and it should go too), but the rest is my fault.  I won’t say how, but I am just sick about it.  I know that it’s possible to get them out, I’ve seen it done before, but I just don’t know how.  Any suggestions would really be appreciated.  This is a pretty new table, it does not need to be refinished yet!


8 thoughts on “Still plugging along

  1. Marie-Josée says:

    Usually, I rub my table with steel wool and then put some wax with a paintbrush and finally when wax is dry, I rub the table with a woollen fabric. It works very well on my pine wood table. I heard that turpentine oil works too but I’ve never tried it.

    Your cardigan is beautiful and the colour too. It’s amazing how you knit fast !

  2. Looks like you’re about 80 cents into your $1.50! 🙂 I can’t wait to see the rest of your progress. Good luck with the table! Have you tried googling “removing water stains from wood table?” I did, and just got a bunch of results. Good luck!

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