Still plugging along

I have finished one front of the dollar and a half cardigan, and I’ve made a start on the second sleeve.  I would try to tell you exactly where I am with my $1.50, but I never was good with the maths.

I’m saving the cable panel for last, because I’m suspicious about how the 2 fronts look different sizes when knitted up.   I’m still in love with the Cotton Fleece yarn – I’ve been knitting like mad, and my hands don’t hurt a bit… my tendinitis (caused by too much piano practicing in college, not by knitting believe it or not) has made not a peep.  But then, I do try to be nice to my hands, since they are my living… I usually stop at a hint of pain.

I did cave at the big Knit Happens sale last night, but it wasn’t too bad.  I ordered Cascade 220 in Sapphire heather and Sienna to make sweaters, and 3 skeins of  Cascade 220 quattro in Aruba (blues and purples)to make the U neck vest from Fitted Knits.  It was a really great deal, and I do love Cascade 220.  I usually try to make a sweater for under $40, and these will be under 20!  Super exciting!

I’m going shopping in a bit, because Marc and I are attending a wedding tomorrow (as guests!  First time I haven’t been working the wedding I’m attending in years!) and I realize I no longer own any dresses appropriate for an evening wedding… or really, any dresses at all.  And we are currently invited to 5 weddings before September (only one of which is ours,) so I think I need a new dress.

And lastly… does anyone have any advice for removing white water spots from a wood table?  Do those commercial products really work?  I tried the trick where you use a hairdryer, but my arms got tired and it didn’t seem to be working.

The ring has been there since we bought it (and it should go too), but the rest is my fault.  I won’t say how, but I am just sick about it.  I know that it’s possible to get them out, I’ve seen it done before, but I just don’t know how.  Any suggestions would really be appreciated.  This is a pretty new table, it does not need to be refinished yet!

One sleeve…

I’ve finished the first sleeve for the Dollar and a half cardi

I don’t think I screwed up the shaping, it all seems to fit together so far.  The perfectionist in me does not like having those extra stockinette portions in the seams, even though I know it won’t matter.

I wasn’t sure about the sizing, so I thought I should measure my sweater against a cardigan I already own.  Then I remembered that I don’t own any well-fitting cardigans that are full length, so out came my old standby favorite sweater.

If I lose some rows into the seams, and this sweater shouldn’t be as stretchy as the pink one (it has nylon content), so it looks good.  I’m measuring pretty close to pattern measurements, and I’m pretty sure it will gain the extra 1/2 inch with blocking (the lace and rev. stockinette are bumpy!)

The sleeves though… well, I think they’re kind of big.  They measure what they’re supposed to, and I suppose a cardigan should have bigger arms, so hopefully it should be ok.  They don’t look huge in the modeled photo.  I do like that they’re pretty long, as I have long monkey arms and can never find sleeves long enough for me.

Yesterday I went to the LYS and flipped through “No Sheep for you” and “Lace Style.”  Eh… I was underwhelmed.  Of the two I probably like “No Sheep for you” better, but neither book contained any designs I really wanted to add to my (ever growing) list.  I mean, I like the Tuscany shawl, but I know I won’t get around to it, and I like the Katherine Hephburn cardigan, but it wasn’t that special to me.  But that’s ok, because I’m still in the process of wanting to make half the patterns out of “Fitted Knits.”

WEBs has RYC Soft tweed on closeout, and I think this color

will become this

at some point in the future.   Love the buttons, love the shape, love the fact that the pattern occurs around the bust instead of the waist this time.

More progress

I’ve nearly finished the back of my cardigan, and boy – those decreases are horribly confusing in the lace pattern!  I think I came out ok though.

I want to finish it before work tonight (at 5:30) so if I have any no-shows I can work on a smaller part of the sweater.  When I work a sweater in pieces I work it thus: back, sleeve 1, front 1, sleeve 2, front 2.  I can’t stand working the same thing twice in a row, but I don’t like knitting 2 sleeves at once because things get all tangled.

I’m trying to decide what to make for the Fitted Knits along that starts in April.  I have yarn for both the shrug and the puff-sleeved cardigan, but I’m second guessing the yarn for the puff sleeve.  It’s made of wool in the book, and I love the way it looks in wool, but come on… when it’s cold enough for wool I won’t wear short sleeves, and when it’s warm enough for short sleeves I won’t wear wool.  So I’m thinking maybe I should try to find a blend.  I really like Rowan wool cotton, but it’s so pricey!  And I’m already making a bunch of sweaters out of cotton fleece… Ah well, I guess I’ll have to think about it!


We had a great time in Florida, but I’m happy to be back.  I met up with old friends…

And Marc proved again what a giant kid he will always be…


Which is of course why I love him.  Aww…

I didn’t get a whole ton of knitting done because I was super busy, but I did get 16″ of the back finished on the Dollar and a Half cardigan.  2 more before I start shaping!  Please ignore the cat, he can’t be separated from me after being mostly alone for a week.

I must say that I love this pattern so far.  The changing textures never give you the chance to be bored.  And the Cotton Fleece continues to surprise me – I thought I wouldn’t like it since I didn’t like the other wool/cotton I’ve tried (KP Mainline) but it’s just lovely to work with.  And the best part?  My hands don’t hurt at all.

Have you seen this new free pattern from Berroco?  I just love it, and I’m not usually a huge fan of their patterns.

I came home to 2400 unread Bloglines posts, so I apologize if I’m a bit slow responding.  I’m glad to be back.  I like traveling, but I get tired of being unsettled after awhile.

We’ll go to a few weddings soon, but our next trip will be our honeymoon.  We’re planning on a small trip after the wedding, and then taking a longer trip overseas later.  I’m taking suggestions on nice places to go that are in the US.  I don’t like the beach at all (I can’t swim, I don’t tan, and I don’t love the heat) so I’m having a hard time getting good ideas.

FO: Fad Classic

Pattern: Fad Classic, from Knit and Tonic, size 32

Yarn: Knitpicks Shine Sport in Grass, 5 balls (approx.)

Needles: US 6 and 4

Notes: I’m really pleased with how this turned out.  I started it on a whim and nearly ripped it all out – the straps being knit with 2 balls of yarn really made me crazy.  I got through it though, and it all worked out… although I’d rather not do that again.  I added a lot more shaping than the pattern called for – instead of 2 sets of waist decreases I did 5, and then only 3 sets of increases for the lower waist.  After all that it was still a bit big, so I blocked it for length, with the result that it stretched from 20″ long to 23″ long, and now it fits perfectly.  The lace pattern was really easy to memorize and execute, and I really enjoyed all of the knitting except the straps.

We leave at 6 am tomorrow for Florida, so I won’t be posting for a week (although I will certainly be on my email) so I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

On swatches

Swatching is not something I enjoy, but yesterday I was on a swatching marathon – part to decide on my next project, and part to get used to the stitch patterns in my upcoming projects. My swatches are never shown here, mostly because I’m pretty bad at making them the size you’re supposed to.

I went back and forth between several projects, but I finally cast on for the “Dollar and a half” cardigan from the new Interweave.

Sorry for the large(ish) picture, but WordPress is not cooperating today.

The yarn is Cotton Fleece in New Age teal. I had to go up one needle size, but it’s measuring what it should. The lace wasn’t opening enough, even after blocking, on the size 5s. I’ve never worked with Cotton Fleece before really (just swatching) and I’m suprised by how much I like it. It’s definitely easier on the hands than pure cotton. My only complaint so far is that it’s a wee bit splitty, especially on the ultra sharp knitpicks needles. I’ll take it to work with me tonight and maybe start the first lace section if no one comes, but I’m in no rush. I like to give my hands and wrists a few days rest after finishing a project.

I’m trying to pack for our Florida trip. I’m trying to make do with the spring clothes I didn’t pack away, because I don’t feel like getting the giant boxes from the basement. And, of course, I’m worrying about what knitting projects to take with me. I’ll probably take the $1.50 cardigan, a pair of socks (I want to start some in that Neopolitan yarn!) and another sweater in case I run into a snag on the $1.50 cardi. I want to make the feminine puff sleeve cardi from Fitted Knits, but I fear it may yet have errata, plus I sort of want to save it for the KAL in April. I’ll probably take Rusted Root, since I already know how to make it.

I’m still trying for photos of Fad Classic – this week is really hard because I’m not getting home til 9pm. I’ll probably break down and use the flash later on tonight.

No title today!

Fad Classic is finished and blocking.

Let us not talk about the amount of insomnia I must have had in order to finish this baby up so quickly. I’ll have a FO post once it dries, of course. I pretty much like the way it fits, although I’m not certain about the bottom ribbing, which wants to flare. I may redo the bind-off with smaller needles. I did a whole lot more shaping that the pattern called for, but I’ll get to that in the FO post.

I’ve spent the past hour standing around on my porch, because a house a few down from us is burning down.

It’s even on the news, which is a strange feeling… watching your house on TV as you hear the news copter flying overhead. Fortunately, no one was home, and they seem to have kept the fire from spreading. Last year a fire took 2 of the beautiful old mansions in this area one block down, and I find it all very sad. My street is blocked off at either end, and I’m hoping I can make it to work (I have to be there at 5.)

We leave for Florida in 2 days, and I don’t think it’s sunk in yet. Inevitably I will be packing at 4 am on Friday and thinking “Gee, I hope someone can watch the cats!” I wish I were one of those people who are incredibly good at doing things early, but alas I am not.

Edited to add: Wow, I have even more respect for the post office now.  Our street is completely blocked off, so he parked on another block and walked our mail in… including my package from WEBs.  Somehow I do not believe UPS would have done the same.

I got Cotton Fleece in New Age Teal for the Dollar and a half cardigan and cream Pima Tencel for a shrug.