Casting about…

Yes indeed… half the fun of knitting is looking for new things to knit, as was pointed out by quite a few commenters yesterday.  With that in mind, I spent most of last night cleaning, and searching for new patterns in between.  Oh, and I did try out stitch patterns for Marc’s scarf… I think I like the One Row Handspun scarf (the yarn harlot’s pattern) the best… I tried “My So Called Scarf,” but I could tell that the pattern would drive me mad.

That’s really just a swatch, because I know Marc will want his scarf to be one or two repeats wider.  I will ask him when he gets home tonight.

On the subject of long cardigans, I found two that I love:

The first is Veronica, from Rowan 35.  It calls for 4-ply soft doubled, but I bought Laines du Nord Giunco (dk weight) instead.  I have not started it yet because I am terrified of running out of yarn (it is discontinued.)  I bought a little over half the yardage called for in the 4-ply soft, figuring that it would work out, but now I’m just worried about it.  I adore the sweater though – it has pockets!  I love pockets!  The second sweater is from a Phildar magazine I have.  I keep saying I need to make a pattern from there.  There is a finished one here, with better photos on Ravelry.  It takes a chunky yarn, so I would have to buy some (if I like the Cascade 128 I will buy that again – it was so affordable!)

And then, of course, I got on Ravelry and started adding things to my queue like mad (to be fair, I also deleted a bunch of stuff I’m never going to make, but still…)


From top left: 1. Demi, from Rowan Vintage Style. I’ve always loved this sweater, but I’ve thought it was too hard for me… now I feel ready!  I’m thinking about the new Valley Yarns tweed, Williamsburg. 2.Urban Aran by patons, 3.Thermal  from knitty (only I’m mad because I don’t have enough of one color of Gloss to make this… love the finished ones I’ve seen!) 4. Aamu from Norah Gaughan vol 1 (because I saw a finished one and it was cute, plus I love how it looks in the pure merino nuance. 5. Drops Design cardi.  This uses decorative buttons – only half the buttons you see there are actually functional.  I think it’s cute! 6. Phildar Bolero, same mag as the long cardi above.  I love the lazy daisy embroidery.  This is my favorite Phildar book by far!

So I may not know what I’m making next, but I’m having fun looking!

The preview for IK Holiday gifts is out (and the issue seems to already be at lots of LYS!)  I love the projects below – I am so happy that this issue is better than last year’s!

The shrug is made of kidsilk aura, which I am dying to try.  Can’t wait to get this mag, and can’t wait for the winter preview that must be coming up soon!


5 thoughts on “Casting about…

  1. Yes, the fun is in the planning and choosing (buying!!)yarn, colours, etc. I have the same Phildar mag. and I love it!! There’s about 4 patterns I’d love to make! Great charts too.

  2. Moggle says:

    Sometimes the looking and planning takes up more time than the actual knitting! Some great sweaters in your queue. I’ve got some Cashsoft 4 ply to do a thermal sometime soon.
    Love that hat from the interweave gifts.

  3. Love the Phildar long cardigan! Oh I really want that Phildar mag…wish I had some money.

    That hat in IK Holiday is so cute – I have a friend who wants a hat, and I can’t find the right pattern…

    And I’ve got Thermal on my queue, too – and I’m planning the same colors. It’s so cute!! Just a bit frightened about how long it’ll take…the pattern might get tedious..

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