Thanks for the concern on my hand – it’s on the mend, but not all better yet.    I’m probably going to need to go to the doctor… ugh.   I’ve been teaching one handed all week!  I’m becoming adept at sewing with one hand too.

I was able to make a start on my jacket.  I made several changes without a muslin, which I know is like playing with fire, so let’s hope that it goes well!  Here’s where I am now:

I’m still deciding on the ribbon issue – I’m actually thinking I will use buttons instead.  I’m not going to fasten it anyway, so it’s just for show.  I’m very pleased with my pockets.  I’ve never done patch pockets before!  The directions said to topstitch 1/4 inch away from the edge, but that looked awful so I just topstitched close to the edge.

I’m using my leftover polka dot poplin (from my Rooibos dress) to do all the facings, in order to reduce bulk.  I love the peek of dots inside the pocket flaps!

That’s all for now – my workweek is over, and I’m off to have rehearsal and mexican food.


6 thoughts on “Updates

  1. I love the fabric you’ve chosen to work with and that peek of polka dot. I already know that the FO is going to look fabulous! And all done with a poorly hand. Well done, you. Hope things are starting to heal.

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