Butterick 5672

Pattern: Butterick 5672

Fabric: Double knit (rpl blend) 2 yards


This was my favorite pattern from Butterick this fall.   I’ve been waiting for the weather to cool down so that I could justify making a dress out of a heavier fabric.  It got down to 45 last week, which is good enough for me!  This is a style that I have struggled with.  I like the idea of side pleating, but in practice I find that it often looks bulky.  On this dress it doesn’t, in part beacause it has a waist seam, and also because I made it pretty fitted!  Here is  a closeup of the pleats:

They are stitched down  for several inches, which also helps to keep the front from blousing out.  The pattern itself was very simple.  I eliminated the lining, and chose to finish the neckline with a simple turn under. This is the length as drafted, and I often have to shorten Butterick patterns.  Other than that, it fit very well.  I cut between the sizes, going between an 8 on the bottom and 10 on the top.  The actual construction of the dress took about 2 hours – it was very quick!  I did not use the instructions, and took a totally different order of operations so that I could try it on.  I ended up taking in 1/2″ from the underarms to upper hip, as it was just slightly roomy there.  I didn’t get a great photo of the back, but the fit is decent.  I would eliminate the rear darts if I made it again.  I did remove all the ease from the sleeves – there is no reason for that in a knit, and there was quite a bit of ease too (2.5″ or so.)  I do this for all sleeved garments, even wovens, because I find that the ease causes them to fit my shoulders poorly, and also because I hate easing in sleeves more than anything!  I could lie and say that I have a scientific process to do this, but in fact I just measure the sleevecap and sleeve, subtract one number from the other, draw a horizontal line between the notches on the sleeve, and then fold out that amount on the pattern piece before cutting.

I’m not sure what I will make next – I have no weekends until November, so hopefully I can manage to squeeze in some time!