Sewing room complete (for now!)


It took a month, but I’m happy to say that my sewing room is complete for now!  I painted all the trim white, and then painted the walls Benjamin Moore “Misty teal,” a pretty pale aquamarine.

I really love the color – it’s such a change from the old purple (seen here, in the process of being covered.  I’m sure my husband appreciates me showing his painting shorts to the world!)


The chandelier and curtains are new:

The chandelier came from (link in my last post) and the curtains I bought at Target.  I thought making my own, but the cost for 2 windows was a bit much, so when I found these fabulous border print curtains for $15 a panel I snatched them up!  I found the thread holder at a yard sale for $5, and I had one of those jumbo packs of Guttermann from some day after Thanksgiving sale at Joann’s.  I love how pretty the thread looks on the wall!


My machines are sharing an extra long desk (Malm from Ikea, very sturdy!)  I have a sewing table with my Rocketeer downstairs, waiting to be repainted and added to the room.

I bought a new ironing board.  Mine always seem to rust out every year – does anyone else have that problem?  My dress form (which, admittedly, is mostly decorative, as it doesn’t adjust down to my bust size) is happily sitting to the side.

I’m still planning to build my project table, but for now I’m ok with my portable table from Joann’s.  At least it doesn’t take up much room!

Now the only question is, what to make in my new room?

I’m starting graduate school this summer, so I’m hoping my things being more accessible will make sewing in small bursts possible.  It was just too depressing in the attic.  But I love my pretty room, and I’m hoping it proves inspiring!


42 thoughts on “Sewing room complete (for now!)

  1. jordan says:

    OMG gorgeous!!! I don’t sew at all and I have no idea how I found your blog but I’ve had you in my reader for a couple years now! (I’m just so fascinated that people can sew clothes) I always enjoy your updates and this room looks AMAZING!

  2. Isidore says:

    This is not a sewing room, it is a magazine spread. Please sew a few things, and then post more pictures once there are piles of projects laying out and little bits of thread stuck to everything. 🙂

  3. Thistle says:

    Beautiful! I love that color, and the chandelier and curtains are perfect. As someone who just had to downsize to a desk and an ironing board on the floor, I’m experience serious sewing room envy… enjoy it!

  4. Sweetpeagreen says:

    Simply gorgeous! I’m in the box room which is no bigger than a closet – I dream of been able to stand up and walk to the ironing board (rather than kneeling on the floor with the Ikea board or going downstairs)

  5. Your sewing room is so beautiful. I am envious that you have a room dedicated to your sewing. I am still sharing mine with the guest bedroom and the bed is obnoxiously large. One day when Elly is old and no longer living at home, I will get me a sewing room. =)

  6. anotheryarn says:

    It looks great! I’m jealous of the curtain find – I’ve been keeping my eye on curtains for a while and haven’t found anything as awesome. Also, I’m curious where you do store all the bits and pieces and stash that go along with sewing?

  7. Your room turned out to be so gorgeous!!!! Wow, the colors, chandelier—it’s all so pretty. I was just in the middle of revamping my own. Hope mine turns out to be as lovely as yours:)

  8. sarah says:

    i just found your great blog! i’ve just started sewing my own clothes and i love seeing all your creations. your sewing room looks so nice 🙂

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